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Dispersion (Physik) – Wikipedia
Unter Dispersion (von lateinisch dispergere, „ausbreiten, zerstreuen“) versteht man in der Physik die Abhängigkeit einer physikalischen Größe von der Frequenz einer Welle.In der Optik ist dies speziell die von der Frequenz des Lichts abhängende Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit des Lichts in Medien. Dies hat zur Folge, dass Sonnenlicht an den Flächen eines Prismas unterschiedlich stark ...

Pigment dispersion syndrome - Wikipedia
Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is an eye disorder that can lead to a form of glaucoma known as pigmentary glaucoma.It takes place when pigment cells slough off from the back of the iris and float around in the aqueous humor.Over time, these pigment cells can accumulate in the anterior chamber in such a way that they begin to clog the trabecular meshwork (the major site of aqueous humour ...

Dispersion / Measures of Dispersion: Definition ...
Dispersion in statistics is a way of describing how spread out a set of data is. When a data set has a large value, the values in the set are widely scattered; when it is small the items in the set are tightly clustered. Very basically, this set of data has a small value:

London Dispersion Forces - Purdue University
London Dispersion Forces. The London dispersion force is the weakest intermolecular force. The London dispersion force is a temporary attractive force that results when the electrons in two adjacent atoms occupy positions that make the atoms form temporary dipoles.

Radiological Dispersion Device | Ready.gov
Learn what to do before, during, and after a radiological dispersion device (RDD) event. An RDD combines a conventional explosive device — such as a bomb — with radioactive material. It is designed to scatter dangerous and sub-lethal amounts of radioactive material over a general area.

Air Quality Dispersion Modeling - Preferred and ...
Offshore and Coastal Dispersion Model Version 5 (OCD) is a straight line Gaussian model developed to determine the impact of offshore emissions from point, area or line sources on the air quality of coastal regions. OCD incorporates overwater plume transport and dispersion as well as changes that occur as the plume crosses the shoreline.

Air Quality Dispersion Modeling - Alternative Models | US EPA
The dispersion module uses a Lagrangian puff formulation, along with a gridded non-uniform wind and stability field derived from traffic module outputs, to describe near-roadway dispersion characteristics. HYROAD is designed to determine hourly concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) or other gas-phase pollutants, particulate matter (PM) and air ...

Statistics Calculator: Dispersion
Measures of dispersion. Standard deviation; Variance; Mean absolute deviation (MAD) Range; Interquartile range; First and second Quartiles (Q 1 and Q 3) Specify whether the data is for an entire population or from a sample. Enter your population or sample observed values in the box below. Values must be numeric and separated by commas, spaces ...

Group velocity dispersion, explained by RP Photonics ...
The group velocity dispersion is the group delay dispersion per unit length. The basic units are s 2 /m. For example, the group velocity dispersion of fused silica is +35 fs 2 /mm at 800 nm and −26 fs 2 /mm at 1500 nm.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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